Cornish rex vs devon rex

It became apparent that Kirlee did not carry the same genetic makeup as the other curly cats. Domestic cat Felis catus. The cat has a more Persian look about them and so has a much rounder fuller face. CFA did not recognize the Devon Rex as a separate breed, but cornish rex vs devon rex a policy that all curly-coated cats were to be registered as the same breed, Rex cats. They have a very intelligent temperament and enjoy the company of humans.
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The coat requires grooming with a wide toothed comb, which is easier to get through the thick curly fur. Their long, sturdy legs are well suited for long leaps, and their toes are unusually large.

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Devon Rex - Wikipedia

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After breeders accepted the knowledge that he was a definite separate genetic variation, the first rexed cats which we now know as Cornish Rex were referred to as "Gene I Rex," while the cats which we now know as Devon Rex became known as "Gene II Rex. I promise to use it only to send you Happy Cats.

Devon Rex and Cornish Rex Cats

Cornish Rex: Lacks guard hair. Small egg-shaped head. Large high set ears. The forehead and muzzle form a "Roman nose". Long, lean body. The Devon Rex head is the most distinctive feature of the breed. . Much looser wave than on a Cornish Rex. show the proper body style as compared. Posted 23 May - PM. We have two Devon Rex cats and they are great! I highly recommend them! However they do shed a little bit.
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Breedings were repeated and still no curly kittens. Miss Cox, a kind woman who had been crippled as a result of a war injury, gave shelter to a feral tortoiseshell and white female behind her house. Two lovely cats, Annelida Aubretia and Wigmel Black Witch, winged their way across the great ocean and came to live with the Whites in their home in Austin, Texas.

The Selkirk Rex

In fact, nothing else feels exactly like a Cornish Rex coat. Gulf Shore Region 4: With this trait, they are often found in odd nooks and crannies of a closet, shelf, or laundry basket. The toll of inbreeding had begun manifesting itself in genetic problems present in the general feline population, but concentrated in Devons through the inbreeding. This is due to the fact that the rex fur grows at a much slower rate than other cat fur and is therefore not so developed. The mission is to find a soft hand and a warm lap. Breedings were repeated and still no curly kittens.
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That said, between the two breeds, it is the Cornish Rex that has fewer health complications and physical ailments than the Devon Rex cats do. Notify me of new posts by email.
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Posted 23 May - PM. We have two Devon Rex cats and they are great! I highly recommend them! However they do shed a little bit. Since the Devon Rex had such an intertwined beginning with the Cornish Rex, it is interesting to take a step back and really look at the differences between. The Devon Rex is a breed of intelligent, short-haired cat that emerged in England during the The breed was initially thought to be linked with the Cornish Rex; however, test mating proved otherwise. Cats have three types of hair: guard hair, .
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