I need to get rid of my cat

Once she realizes that the cat is causing problems for you, hopefully she'll keep it indoors at night. The OP has already placed the cat with someone else. It is a pretty hard hearted person who would judge you in this situation. As weird as this sounds, a flyer my wife made when we were trying to get a rescue cat adopted ended up thereand it ended up getting the interest up to the point where we got him successfully adopted through one of our local no-kill care for mom. You may want to make a donation as well our local shelter will allow people to pay the adoption fee up front, so that others will be more likely to adopt these cats and donate their food and litter to help defray costs of sheltering these animals. June 18, I need to get rid of my cat condolences on your wife's untimely passing.
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I need a natural herb to repel it so it will go away. If you don't want to deal with the social stigma of giving up your late wife's pets which is totally understandable , collaborate with a trustworthy, local SF friend.

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OK, I NEED to get rid of my cat- what are my options PLEASE HELP - Mothering Forums

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I'll be the one to bite the bullet and say: Make sure the cat is ready for adoption. Also ask your neighbors to use tight-fitting lids to seal their trash cans.

Toxoplasmosis – Do I Have to Get Rid of My Cat?

hi netmummies I'm posting this in here cos I've tried everything else and I'm desperate. I have 3 cats that I really need to rehome for a few. I learned a few things from my time working for a group with a very high call volume. Don't talk about your cat as a disposable thing you want to "get rid of". 2. Sounds like you have tried loads and it also sounds like she is unhappy (or just plain bloody awkward).cat wee is a nightmare to get rid of. When my two cats.
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You're doing the right thing. Nthing SPCA or other local shelter with the explanation that their owner died and that you cannot care for them.

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I'd ask a friend to call around to shelters and foster organizations. To keep cats away, try removing sources of food and shelter from your yard. And unfortunately, since cat feces is often the culprit, many pregnant women are encouraged to get rid of their cats during pregnancy. In addition to the ideas here, you might also check out Reddit. Please also read our tutorial -- "What to do if you find a stray"! Take photos, have your friend post them on their Facebook with a note saying the owner has died, and let your friend be the one to vet responses and finally to put you in touch with the one or two people who come through.
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I want to keep my cat inside, but my dogs need to go in and out.
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To keep cats away, try removing sources of food and shelter from your yard. You can . I have a small tabby that keeps coming to my door. He sleeps on the. If your partner is asking you to get rid of your cat, you'll need to find out why. Then , check here to see what you can do to fix the situation. Their concern was raised due to my profession and dealing with cats on a daily basis, especially since toxoplasmosis can have a profound.
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