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If you lose your kitten, you can go back to Gertrude, and she will gladly give you another one for a fee of gp. With this amulet equipped you can instruct your cat to follow one of four sets of tactics: To make it you have to buy or fish a Raw Sardine then you must kitten runescape a Doogle Leaves. After you do the quest, Gertrude will give you a kitten. You must remember to care for your kitten when you have a Kitten. You must have completed the Kitten runescape Catchers quest to unlock this stage. The player whose cat achieves this first will be declared the kitten runescape.
Tiger - Age: 21
Price - 131$

More information about constructing a menagerie can be found in the Construction Guide - Menagerie and in the Construction Table - Menagerie.

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Alternatively, wearing a Ring of charos a will allow you to charm Gertrude and let you choose your kitten's colour. The location can be quickly reached with a West Ardougne teleport , or freely reached with the Rat Pits minigame teleport requires completion of Ratcatchers , spirit trees , or Ardougne cloak. Table requires level 42 Construction to build.

Pet kitten

Pet kitten are follower pets that can be grown into cats. Pet Care. Cat Faces. Guide Links: Introduction Pet Care Kittens Cats There are many choices of pets in RuneScape, but there are different. If you do not like the colour kitten Gertrude gives you, you can shoo it away and get another. Alternatively, wearing a Ring of charos(a) will allow.
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Jazz - Age: 32
Price - 165$

The Ardougne Rat Pits are for kittens. It does not get any hungrier while in your pack or bank nor does it grow , so it won't run away if you just carry it. Where in West Ardy do I sell my cat?

Kat's Runescape Cat Guide

So be sure to do your rat chasing and get your medal before your cat becomes overgrown. Otherwise, players will be given a kitten of a random colour. A menagerie is composed of hotspots to add a habitat decoration , a pet house, a pet feeder, and a summoning obelisk. Will chase rats to earn a medal from Gertrude, but its catch rate is very low. You have to have your kitten and or cat chase and catch small rats, then talk to Gertrude. Pet care was revolutionised by the Pet Interface.
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Annie - Age: 27
Price - 70$

You can dismiss Sparkles through the summoning menu.
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If you do not like the colour kitten Gertrude gives you, you can shoo it away and get another. Alternatively, wearing a Ring of charos(a) will allow. Post 2- How to raise your Kitten Post 3- (Continued), and Important Facts about Kittens Post 4- The *Cat* *Overgrown Cat* and *Wily/Lazy Cat*. I'm trying to do the Ardougne diaries and I need a cat to do one of the tasks apparently. I've already done Gertrude's cat but I cant seem to find.
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