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Enough to make a cat laugh - Something that is ridiculously silly. Ice that would not support a cat, similar to the phrase "skating on thin ice. This phrase started out as a comment that cats are stealthy and somewhat sneaky when words with cat in them. Playing cat and mouse - Playing a game of strategy and stealth, or playing in a cruel or teasing way. In this usage, the phrase "the cat's out of the bag" meant something akin to "punishment is about to begin" or "the belt's off. This ensured an early pregnancy.
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In faro, the "tiger" was the bank of the house. A reference to the sleek pose of a cat. It appears to be a word which predates the Mayflower pilgrims who sailed from Plymouth by a couple of hundred years.

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The folk tale "cat and the fiddle" probably has something to do with the translation as well. Possibly a reference to the nursery rhyme The Gingham Dog and the Calico Cat; certainly a reference to a cat and dog fighting. Reference to the ability of a cat to sleep frequently and lightly.

Words containing cat

Words containing cat, words that contain cat, words including cat, words with cat in them. If you're ever in desperate need of a list of cat puns, words or names for “The litter box smelled claw-ful after not changing it for two weeks.”. and “It's cat me stumped” and “I haven't cat all day” and “You've cat *cat*: If a word contains the “cat” sound, we can make a silly cat pun.
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A cruel sport in the olden days was to place a cat in a tree as a target; the "sportsman" would wait to see which way the cat jumped before pulling the trigger. Nothing like a cat nap in Kat'z pjs.

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Like cats and dogs - Usually, quarreling viciously as in "fighting like cats and dogs". Alley cat - A stray or homeless cat. The catkins look like small cats' tails. Cats came to symbolize down-pouring rain, and dogs to symbolize strong gusts of wind. Fight like Kilkenny cats - To fight until both parties are destroyed Lore has it that in the ancient town of Kilkenny, on the River Nore in south-east Ireland, bored soldiers would tie two cats together for sport until they killed each other. Another breed of cat - something different from anything else.
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The silks created by weavers in Baghdad, Iraq, were inspired by the varied colors and markings of cat coats. Cool cat - Someone who keeps up with the latest trends. The "cat" probably alludes to the mating habits of female cats.
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Apr 11, It can either be a musician with an affinity for cat-themed songs, or a cat to mention is “cathletic” which is really just another word for “lazy. Words containing cat, words that contain cat, words including cat, words with cat in them. List words containing cat. Got it! This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website More info words found. abdicate.
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