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I feel so fortunate. Via The odd cat sanctuary. Moo had mild-moderate CH but she can eat and drink on her own. I started this rescue because I wanted to help cats that no one wanted, and wouldn't have a chance otherwise. I odd cat sanctuary I can't let him go, he's happy purring and eating great despite his injuries.
Boo Boo - Age: 29
Price - 82$

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The Odd Cat Sanctuary - shannonjaxproductions

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THIS is how you properly volunteer at a cat sanctuary. He is however, starting to making a little progress in his amazing foster home. The Odd Cat Sanctuary.

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See contact information and details about The Odd Cat Sanctuary MA. k Followers, Following, Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from The Odd Cat Sanctuary (@theoddcatsanctuary). The latest Tweets from Odd Cat Sanctuary (@oddcatsanctuary). Non-profit organization dedicated to rescuing and finding forever homes for neglected.
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Oscar - Age: 32
Price - 101$

I said I can't let him go, he's happy purring and eating great despite his injuries.

Meet the odd cat sanctuary

Home About Contact Join. She was skin and bones when we rescued her. Cat with chromosomal abnormality found the purrfect parents that love her to bits Gallery. He is sweet, loves to cuddle but is not a big fan of being picked up. Download Cheezburger App for Free. He loves to eat and can be a bit territorial of his food.
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Esme - Age: 18
Price - 51$

Maya is now living a happy life with her human family! Moo had mild-moderate CH but she can eat and drink on her own. From the folks who volunteer at the adoption center, the Homechecker's, the fosters, the transporters, and the app processors
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Odd Cat Out Sanctuary. Home · About · The Cats · Donate/Sponsor · Volunteer · News · Resources · R.I.P. · Search · Email · Facebook. The Odd Cat Sanctuary is a non-profit who's mission is to help odd cats who have no place to turn. This may be a result of medical illnesses, behavioral issues. The Odd Cat Sanctuary is a nonprofit (c)(3) feline rescue organization. The Odd Cat Sanctuary was started so that we could help kittens and cats with.
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