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Our two cats have been eating Fancy Purina natural cat food recall dry cat food for several years. He never makes that noise otherwise. We are a cat rescue and TNR C public charity. Called Purina to warn them about their products back in May and told them about this website as proof of big trouble. It could be that she's aging and it's easier for her to eat. I am very worried the food was toxic, the fish added can't avoid fish except in the Mixed Grill which is probably road kill was rotten or something even worse.
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He literally gummed the hard food to avoid this canned food but I kept trying thinking he was being picky.

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Purina Cat Chow Complete might be acceptable for young animals with robust immune systems and no other health issues, but we feel over time, as those cats age that food is not the best choice. Our devotion to Purina Cat Chow as a high quality minimum product may have been wrong based on our field observation. Extensive stool testing reveals in no causes for the diarrhea.

Purina Pet Foods

Limited Recall: Purina ONE Vibrant Maturity 7+ Dry Cat Food · Dorian Wagner. Nestle Purina Limited Friskies Grillers and Cat Chow Naturals Dry Food Recall. Purina Pet Foods Consumer Reviews and Complaints. Sort: Recent Don't know why Purina has not had a recall on the food. .. After trying Purina Naturals indoor formula - blue label, with chicken & turkey - my cat miraculously healed!. In , Purina dry food was voluntarily recalled due to potential salmonella contamination. Purina Cat Chow Naturals was.
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The problem does not appear to be contagious.

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The first few times I tried to feed it to him he refused to eat it. She still refused to eat. Last week I gave them Turkey canned pate with water and had several that vomited. We have two older cats that have ate Friskies Pate wet cat food daily for years. I recently received a bag of dog food from a pet supply store that had mold in it. Then at bedtime he refused to eat his bedtime treat which he was always excited for.
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As of now, I am on my fourth antibiotic treatment and have another appointment this week. So, I had a senior chihuahua who had lost most of his teeth I ran out of his normal canned food and was at Walmart and decided to get him some Purina Alpo canned food.
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9 Lives; Purina Friskies; Purina Fancy Feast; Hill's Science Diet; Meow Mix Overall, wet food with a primary meat source is more similar to a cat's natural diet .. In , the parsley used in 3 brands of its pet food was recalled for potential . In June , the Purina Company issued a voluntary recall for one lot of their Purina Cat Chow Naturals recipe due to potential salmonella contamination. Limited Recall: Purina ONE Vibrant Maturity 7+ Dry Cat Food · Dorian Wagner. Nestle Purina Limited Friskies Grillers and Cat Chow Naturals Dry Food Recall.
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