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A modest upgrade, or diy cat playhouse least a different approach, to reducing tracking and hiding the mess, top entry litter boxes simply move the entry to the top of the container. And if your cat likes deeper litter, it takes a lot more to fill the Petmate pan. The biggest drawback is that it looks to be harder to clean out than the Catit Litter Box Jumbo, primarily due to the plastic indentation at top opening cat litter box back of the box, which users have called out as a place urine-soaked litter can get caked and hard to top opening cat litter box. You do get slight upgrades in functionality—though mostly for you, not your cat. But other features fell short of the Catit Litter Box Jumbo.
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I actually put her former box in another location as a backup, but she pretty much never uses it. So, my best friend got a top entry litter box for her cats and she loves it.

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Top Entry Litter Boxes I Considered (& What I Ended Up Buying)

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You get a fantastic balance of value and design. So, my best friend got a top entry litter box for her cats and she loves it. After considering nearly 30 litter boxes, we chose 10 and had 12 cats use them and three humans clean them.

The Best Top Entry Litter Boxes

To make life with your cat's waste more livable, here are the best covered and top entry litter boxes. The Petmate Top Entry Litter Pan keeps litter inside the box, where it belongs. A wide top opening allows easy access for your cat, and the space inside is large. Top entry litter boxes mean less mess because if a cat jumps onto the top, lowers him/herself into it, and then pops back onto the top before.
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I just wish the lid would stay on when I open it to clean. Modkat Flip Litter Box Pay for the looks, get some perks The best-looking option, with a folding, magnetic lid and seamless sides for easy opening and cleaning. But otherwise, consider finding a box that corrects any shortcomings.

How I Feel About Top Entry Litter Boxes Now

Learn more about cookies including how to disable them. It's supposed to stay in the little grooves but it doesn't. I think more pet companies need to get with the times — aesthetics matter a lot these days. The little bit of extra height can be important too. I would have been sold. And my husband told me that if the top part broke I was genuinely concerned it would!
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Yeah, not my cat. Litter box furniture enclosures are a great option, but since they are, in fact, furniture, the price tag usually reflects that. Another box we tried had similar dimensions, but its curved corners cut out too much interior space.
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Nice enough to look like cat litter box furniture, our editor says this top entry litter box from Amazon is the best cat litter box ever. Top entry cat litter boxes are becoming increasingly popular for their ability to The larger opening makes it a better fit for larger cats than the Modkat litter box. IRIS Top Entry Cat Litter Box with out of 5 Click image to open expanded view Petmate Top Entry Litter Pan Cat Litter Box Brushed Nickel/Pearl White.
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