What to name a calico cat

Thanks for commenting alice. Scarlett — Red names work well for orange cats. Ta Miu - She was so revered that her owner Crown Prince Thutmose mummified and buried her in a decorated sarcophagus after she died. Cookie Dough- A fun name that reminds you of a favorite ice cream. Rusty — Another orange-themed winner. Julius — Like the orange juice. We have a long-haired grey cat named Poppy, a black short hair with gold undercoat, what to name a calico cat the stone mica, and a little, furry black and white tuxie named Lola.
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There is however one anomaly: Am getting a Calico Maine Coon kitten at the end of February.

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50 Creative Calico Cat Names | Better Homes & Gardens

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Having problems naming your black cat?

Great Names for a Calico Cat

Your calico (or tortoiseshell) cat has to have an original name to match her original orange black and white splodge markings. What about Ta. Calicos are some of the most colorful and playful cats. As kittens, they love to get into mischief and run around, while as adults, they are great. With three fun colors in the mix, there are tons of great cat names that capture the essence of your kitty's multicolor coat. Here are 50 of the most creative calico.
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Nutmeg — because your cat is colored like the spice. It seems kinda obvious but have u thought of Catrina.

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Mystique — another magical name. Blaze — This fiery name is great for calicos. No data is shared with Facebook unless you engage with this feature. They will have their spats from time to time but all mine get over it pretty quick. Rudy — Because of the orange color of your cat.
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Cuddles — Calicos are very loving cats. Pumpkin — The orange vegetable fits these orange cats nicely. Both of them have the sweetest personalities.
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Trying to find a name for your calico cat? We're here to help. Our list of name ideas for calico cats has all the ideas you need and more. Calico cats are very unique cats, and if you own one as a pet, then you need to think of a good and suitable name for it. This article provides a list of unique. Your calico (or tortoiseshell) cat has to have an original name to match her original orange black and white splodge markings. What about Ta.
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