How to tell how far along your cat is

Notable Members Current Visitors. I can feel the babies jumping around inside of her so i know she has to be at least 6 weeks by now. To actively try to get outside? And could she just be late with gaining her milk because its her first litter? Ya she eats a TON and yes she is being fed kitten food. I just wanted to know if any of the people of this forum, based on the pictures, could tell me if she could possibly be going into labor, if these are the first stages of labor, or if she even looks like she could be giving birth soon.
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We're trying to get her out in the sun room before the kittens come, but it smells like dog urine from when we had our dachshund out there. If you notice either of these or have any other concerns, contact your vet.

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I've read everything I can find online and took her to the vet but my vet couldn't give me any answers either. Apr 22, 1. Would check with your vet about this - in the UK Milbemax is available from the vet and can be given to pregnant and lactating queens.

Pregnant cat, not sure how far along(pics)

Before you can welcome bundles of fur into your home, you need to know how to tell if your cat is pregnant, and what you can do to ensure her pregnancy is as. Turns out she wasn't fixed and now I have an apparently very pregnant cat. I can feel the babies jumping around inside of her so i know she. Your vet will probably recommend that you feed your pregnant cat kitten food throughout her pregnancy and.
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If your cat refuses food, acts fidgety and looks for a secluded place to settle down, it could be because her labour is due to start very soon. Cat pregnancy normally lasts between 63 to 67 days, but it can be tough to know exactly how long a cat is pregnant for.


Turns out she wasn't fixed and now I have an apparently very pregnant cat. I can feel the babies jumping around inside of her so i know she has to be at least 6 weeks by now. Has anyone else had this problem? Yes, my password is: It's almost impossible to know when she is due except 'soon'. This site uses cookies. There are several signs to look out for that signal that the kittens are on their way.
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She is grooming a lot also and seems to be nesting although she doesn't want to move very much so she only does the nesting a few times through out the day.
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So, how long are cats pregnant for and what should you expect week by week? If you want to know how many kittens your cat is going to have, your vet may My question is is there a way to tell how far along they are?. If you're not sure of the date your cat conceived, you may not know how many weeks pregnant she is. The nipples of most pregnant cats will become pink after about three weeks of pregnancy. About two weeks before your cat goes into labor, you can feel the kittens moving inside her. But when its your cat, it is comforting to know that things are proceeding and their kittens you can read my articles on orphan kittens and pregnant cat care.
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