Dumbest dog breeds top 100

They make perfect lap dogs. He no longer bites my furniture, or my shoes, no longer urinates in the room, and no dumbest dog breeds top 100 barks like crazy! This dog is too smart for his own good. They are very stubborn and are not easy to train, especially if you use a harsh voice. And, they are more than willing to show off. Pekingese are not the brightest bulbs in the box.
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They are known workaholics and arguably the best sheep herders among all dog breeds. However, this breed requires enough work to stimulate them physically and mentally. The Dachshund is tough, confident, and extremely cunning.

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These dogs are affectionate with their families but can be reserved with strangers. These adorable furry guys are the closest things you can get to a real life Ewok. Jack Russell Terrier — These Terriers are very intelligent, but also stubborn at times.

Top 101 Most Intelligent Dog Breeds – Complete Guide to How Smart Dogs Are Measured

A ranking of the 10 dumbest dog breeds in the world. Is your dog on the list?. Man's best friend isn't always the sharpest pup around. And these are the breeds that fall short in the intelligence department. When it comes to dogs, they are intelligent, but not all are as smart as others. Learn about the dumbest dog breeds and why they are still so lovable. Domino in Redondo Beach, California and they quickly became best pals.
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However, a super playful personality and exceedingly friendly disposition are what make the bull terrier such a sweet, fun-loving companion. I think she thought she was a person.

1. Afghan hound

These active guys are highly intelligent and love to please their owners—the perfect formula for trainability. Essentially, borzoi are probably the most cat-like dogs. A walk around the block will not be enough for this breed. These dogs are affectionate with their families but can be reserved with strangers. Especially tricks that require a lot of athleticism. They are also slightly larger, but great herders too.
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I think generally, dog breeds that are a mix tend to be dumber than say a pure breed of a Poodle or pure breed of a Border Collie.
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99 Basenji Afghan Hound (dumbest). Standard Poodle Golden Retriever Shetland Sheepdog Papillion Australian Cattle Dog Irish Setter Yorkshire Terrier. Most dogs are smart, but in different ways: Working breeds learn how to perform jobs Intelligence is one of the American Leopard Hound's very best attributes. The Intelligence of Dogs is a book on dog intelligence by Stanley Coren, a professor of canine Assessments were limited to breeds receiving at least judge responses. The highest ranked dogs in this category were Border collies, Poodles, German Shepherds, Golden Retrievers, and Doberman Pinschers. Dogs that.
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