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Kitten colour calculator color kitten will your Persian cats have- see below Purrinlot's Color Charts Actual plug in your cats color and sex Bi-color to Bi-color found below solids adn tabbies If you have a solid and a bicolor, just add the word white to the breeding and use the chart below. The progression of the colour change is depicted in the chart below. In marbled and rosetted tabbies, the colour inside the dark markings may be richer than the background colour. There are 3 levels of colourpointing seen in cats. The white tail may have one or more complete or partial coloured bands near the tail tip. Kitten colour calculator speaking it manifests as patches of dense kitten colour calculator on the equivalent dilute e.
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Broadly speaking it manifests as patches of dense colour on the equivalent dilute e. In Siberians, the Sunshine colour is also inherited recessively but is not due to the inhibitor gene. In order to have a bi-color offspring, one or more parents must be a bi-color.

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Some classic tabbies display a dark "cape" due to heavy markings; their agouti areas may be reduced to small patches on a black background.

Solid Color Breeding Chart

To determine what color your Persian kitten will be, use the Color Calculator by choosing the color of the Father mated to the color of the Mother in the Index. Article describing cat coat color genetics in depth, with details of pedigree software that can predict colors arising from prospective breedings. A chart for predicting colors of kittens when breeding solid colors together.
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There are also several modified tabby patterns produced by selective breeding, mutation or by crossing to a wild species. It affects the markings to produce a dark nose, dark "Zorro" mask on the face and a dark cape on the back. For seen-once mutations, use the location where it was observed e.

Use in both the solid and the bi-color charts listed

I recommend Castle Baths Anna to all of our kitten and cat owners. The Karpati mutation and silver have been ruled out. Use existing cat fancy terminology OR 2. In Siberians, the Sunshine colour is also inherited recessively but is not due to the inhibitor gene. With greater degrees of white spotting, the colours form larger, well-defined areas. I have been meaning to email you for quite some time now and tell you how much we love your pet products.
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LaPerm Bleaching Colur fade Mutation.
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Use this color calculator to predict the possible colour combinations from a given mating. Please note that the color calculator only takes phenotypes (i.e. what. A chart for predicting colors of kittens when breeding solid colors together. Actually if that is the only male she's been exposed to it is quite easy to guess possible colours. Red in cats is sex linked so a red male to a non.
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