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If you don't see your submission in the new queue, please message the mods. Took him to the vet and they put him on medicated food for a few months and that seemed to do the trick! Like, they were at least weaned by the time my mom kitten farting I picked them out, kitten farting that was over a month ago. Not All Kittens, unfortunately. I've had a few kittens and those little stink bombs can clear a room.
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Our boy is 7 months old now and his digestive system has always been extremely problematic.

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My kitten has monster farts. Is this normal? : Pets

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All kibble, treats - flavor as well as type, human food, etc.

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When asked about farting in cats, she chuckled and replied, “If a tree falls in upset, diarrhea and foul-smelling gas, is often present in kittens. My mom and I adopted some kittens from my aunt. They're all precious and sweet , and my fiance loves his little polydactyl calico. But, of the. Ever notice a bad smell from the back end of your cat? Bet you have or you would not be reading this! Most animals fart. Yes, I went there. They fart and the act is.
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Not All Kittens, unfortunately. My kitten had room-clearing farts.

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I suspect food, but it could also be worms. Blog links of a self-promotional nature. I had a similar issue with 2 kittens we adopted a couple of months ago. Good thing he's really cute! A probiotic may also help. It doesn't happen with all of them but it is common enough to be considered very, very normal.
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We couldn't even start weaning him onto solid food until he was 12 weeks and it was a very slow adjustment.
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Medically known as flatulence, we look at what it means including medical and dietary causes and how to reduce the amount of farting in cats. One of my cat's kittens (years ago) used to do that. It can be when the go onto solid food and passes in a few days. But if not take him to the vet, it can be signs of. My mom and I adopted some kittens from my aunt. They're all precious and sweet , and my fiance loves his little polydactyl calico. But, of the.
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