Diy cat scratch post

The first thing that you must do is to place the fixings to the tubes and diy cat scratch post them with esparto. She'll appreciate the extra scratching surface! Upload a picture for other readers to see. Be sure the furniture is secured to the wall to keep it from collapsing or tipping over. You'll want diy cat scratch post place the carpet about midway along one side of the post, and staple up and down along the edge of the carpet. Take a look in stores and even on the internet to choose the right model.
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Many readers were asking if this would fall over. Now we start to work.

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How to Make a Homemade Scratching Post for Cats - 8 steps

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If she's hesitant to try it out, sprinkle some catnip on the fabric to attract and keep her attention. How to Make It Place the rug upside down on the floor and plant the board on the back of the rug. Want more news like this?

Keep your cat overlord happy with this easy DIY scratching post

Learn how to build an easy, homemade DIY cat scratching post using items around your house! She'll get exercise and you won't get a ruined staircase. Scratching cleans and sharpens claws and is something a cat will do If you want to provide a lure away from the furniture, having a scratching post is essential. .. literally-. Protect your furniture and drapes by creating a DIY cat scratching post so your cats can stretch their bodies and maintain their claws at home.
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Cardboard tends to make great scratching posts.

Tips & Tools

SD Sheryl Diasy Jul 23, Fold up an edge of the rug and secure it with tacks. With this item, you don't have to worry about cutting a perfectly straight edge. The number of brackets for each tube will depend on the weight they have to support as well as the diameter of the tube. For this latest one, we decided to get fancy and add a bit of carpet. Not Helpful 7 Helpful
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Wrap carpet around the post. It's best to set this board flat on the floor rather than lean it against something; the heavy weight of the book can cause the board to fall and startle your cat.
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You'll find creative ideas for DIY scratching posts for your feline friends | See more ideas about Cat Supplies, Cat furniture and Cat trees. With limited options in the store, my husband and I set out to build our own cat scratching post. Store bought cat scratching posts suck. See how to make your own that will honestly last you years and save you money!.
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