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Sometimes this is so and sometimes not. The first step for you as the human is to identify the stressor that is causing the dog to growl. The result was deep, soulful, almost musical. Dog purring growl may have noticed your dog growling during play. My maltese loved her voice, and barked at everything that went by dog purring growl window. Sometimes it's just one long howl but sometimes it goes on and then starts again.
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She cocks her head, like it is frustrating, she cannot make words. Fearful growls usually start low with a closed mouth, stiff body language, and no breathing.

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The 6 Types of Growling | Thriving Canine

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I call it chattering. PJKutscher August 28, 6:

The Meanings Behind Different Dog Noises

I get called for growling issues quite frequently because people think their dog is aggressive. Sometimes this is so and sometimes not. The most common sounds of pleasure are moans and sighs, although dogs also use whines and growls to communicate happiness. Dog purring, at least in my experience, all sounds different. The dog comes over, puts his head in her lap, and starts growling ferociously; she.
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The second dog rolls her eyes into her head but remains silent, the third one will make horrible whimpering sounds when she's excited for floppins and then occasionally continues to whimper urgently while being pet, but only if we've just come home.

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If you have a word for this yourself then bone-us points for sharing your coinage here. I call it talking. They are very communicative. Absolutely true about Rottweilers. Know the signs of playful growling and when it has gone too far.
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Neither of my dogs make much noise when being snuggled, but my big shepherd mix makes noises we call "oot oot oot" when he's poking around wanting pets or foods.
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Lucky is able to say a lot about how he's feeling using his growl, whether happy or agitated. As a responsible dog owner, it's your job to learn how to decipher. Understandably we don't like our dogs to growl and it can be embarrassing, but growling is GOOD. Growling tells us what our dog is feeling. Growling gives us. Barks, growls, howls, whines, whimpers, even dog purring - different dog barks have different meanings. Here's how to decipher the different noises your dog.
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