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The claws are short, straight, and semi-retractable, and are perfect for climbing. North American river otter L. Johns Hopkins University Press. Journal of Chemical Ecology. British Museum of Natural History.
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Sulawesi palm civet M. Arctonyx Hog badger A.

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eastern Spotted Skunk

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African palm civet N. The ringtail is the state mammal of Arizona.

Small Indian civet

In South Dakota spotted skunks are often called civet cats. smallest of the North American skunks with a length of only to inches ( cm). You have almost certainly read about the 10, civet cats being killed in China in It turns out that North America has its own civet cat. Civet Cat Skunk | skunk and the much lesser known western spotted skunk (or Found over most of the North American continent north of Mexico, it is one of.
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Large Indian civet Viverra zibetha.

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Large family listed below. Australian sea lion N. They used to be classified with the weasels, ferrets, mink, otters, badgers, martens, and wolverines gluttons. Management is hampered by an overall lack of information from surveying. This would lead to an increase in mice, which happen to be one of the primary prey for S. Small Indian civets are nocturnal , mostly terrestrial and insectivorous.
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Conepatus Hog-nosed skunks Molina's hog-nosed skunk C. Golden wet-zone palm civet P.
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Civet Cat Skunk | skunk and the much lesser known western spotted skunk (or Found over most of the North American continent north of Mexico, it is one of. Civet cat is an imprecise term that is used for a variety of cat-like creatures including: Civets, of the families Viverridae and Nandiniidae; Ring-tailed cat or North American Civet Cat (Bassariscus astutus), related to. The genus Spilogale includes all skunks commonly known as spotted skunks and is composed Several other names attributed to S. putorius include: civet cat, polecat, hydrophobian skunk, British Columbia to Central America, as well as in some parts of Montana, North Dakota, Wyoming, Colorado, and western Texas.
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