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See Cats Less Affectionate with Family. You can test your own Himalayan or Persian for this genetic disorder by swabbing the cheek of your cat's saliva seal point himalayan kitten sending the collected DNA to a laboratory for analysis. Like the Persianthe Himalayan is sweet, docile and quiet. Although they are beautiful and sweet, Exotics are prone to a number of potential health problems, most commonly related to their facial structure:. Points are seal brown, body cream to pale fawn, paw and nose leather seal brown. Scratching behaviors are very important and give people a way to communicate directly with your Himalayan, so declawing is very damaging. A great part of my success is that I followed the advice of my mentors and continue to seal point himalayan kitten from them.
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You can also see the difference between the blue and lilac color on my Blue and Lilac Page! Domestic Shorthair or Longhair Felines. My parents provided cats and kittens as pets since I was young.

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Himalayan Cat Breed Information, Pictures, Characteristics & Facts

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Also the Regular Pointed Himalayans have the same color nose leather as their points. Although they are beautiful and sweet, Exotics are prone to a number of potential health problems, most commonly related to their facial structure:

Insights from a Flame Point Himalayan Kitten Breeder

Himalayan kitten male cream point color [ntgmlcm4l] Super friendly half Siamese half Himalayan kittens for sale. Mother is a Seal Mitted Ragdoll, Fa. cfa seal bicolor male himalayan kitten [ayncastle]. CFA seal and white point male Himalayan Persian (blue eyes) kitten looking for a loving pe. Columbus, Ohio. When the Himalayan breed was created, it came only in four colors: seal, chocolate, blue and lilac. After flame and tortie point colors were added, however, the.
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This outgoing personality is very appealing and keeps people laughing at their antics. After graduate school, my first pedigreed cat was a retired breeder, a Tortoiseshell Persian named Tiffany, who was eight years old. One flame point Himalayan kitten, Braveheart, stood out from the other kittens I had experience with, so I decided to specialize in flame and cream point Himalayan Persian kittens.

Flame Point Himalayan Kitten Breeder Interview with Mary Burkwit

Breeders began to work toward this goal in , at first simply to determine how the colorpoint gene was passed on. As most Himalayans grow older, the color of their points along with a rich cream color eventually spreads to other areas such as their back. Where as the Lynx Points have a old rose colored nose. For example, every pedigreed cat has a weakness because they are from a smaller gene pool than the typical. Any certain questions he or she should ask the breeder to be sure the breeding program is solid and the kittens will be as healthy as possible?
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Both pedigreed cats and mixed-breed cats have varying incidences of health problems that may be genetic in nature. Flame point Himalayans are unique in that their body coat remains very white, and their red color points do not spread as they grow older compared to other colors of the Himalayans. I learned how to handle cats properly from both of my parents as a child.
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Himalayan seal point kitten. Himalayan blue point kitten. Himalayan flame point kitten. Himalayan blue point kitten. Himalayan blue point kitten. Himalayan seal. Find Himalayan Cats & Kittens For Sale & Adoption Seal point and lynx kittens due to be born end of January and another litter of seal points due. While often thought of as a separate breed, Himalayan cats actually are a type of The most popular and most recognizable is the “Siamese” look, or seal point.
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