What NOT To Say To Someone Mentally Ill

‘My friend’s cousin’s cat’s brother’s owner had a mental illness and this worked’
‘You just need to get out more’
‘Aren’t you just attention-seeking?’
‘Killing yourself is just so selfish’
‘It’s all to do with your diet’
How many days have you been wearing those pyjamas?!’
‘Your wrists look so ugly’
Everyone gets down in the dumps’
‘You’re too pretty to have a mental illness’
‘You’re too young to have a mental illness’
‘You’ve got your whole life ahead of you’
‘Just get over it – everyone else does’
‘You don’t look depressed’
‘Why don’t you leave the house?’
‘Well, you have been drinking a lot, no wonder your mental health is a mess’
‘You could do anything you want, so why have a mental illness?’
‘A lot of people your age seem to have a mental illness’
‘Doing that isn’t going to do anything for you’
‘You don’t even try’
‘How self-centred can you be?!’
‘Maybe you should just kill yourself, it would be easier for everyone’
‘Do you realise how much you cost the NHS??’
‘You’ll grow out of it’
‘It’s just a trend at the moment’
‘How could you try and kill yourself?’
‘How exactly did you try it?’
‘But you’re always smiling’
‘What started this all off then?’
‘That’s not very normal, is it?’
‘Why aren’t you like everyone else?’
‘Should you be doing that if you’re mentally ill?’
‘I felt like that Monday morning, it’s bad isn’t it’
‘You’re making it up’
‘It’s all in your head’

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