The Best Things To Say Someone With Mental Illness

“How are you?”
“Can I help at all?”
“I love you”
“Depression is a lonely place but you’re not as alone as you may feel”
“This is not your fault”
“I’m here for you” – @atrrraM
“You can do this”
“I will help you do this”
“You’re important to me”
“I may not be able to empathise, but I can try and sympathise”
“You’re not alone”
“You are so strong”
“You are worthy”
“What are you watching on Netflix?”
“There’s no pressure to tell me anything but I’m here for you when you want to” – @necromxncy
“Would you like a cup of tea?”
“I’ll be there whatever”
“Your mental health does not define you as a person”
“The chemicals in your brain do not define you”
“Take as much time as you need”
“I’m here for you, I love you and you matter” – @whatevieedid
“You matter”
“You may not need it, but this book really helped me”
“Let’s hang out, when you feel like it”



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