‘Those With Mental Health Issues Are Liars…’

“You not even HAVE a mental health condition”

“You don’t act ill” 

“You’re definitely lying”

Anyone who’s ever had a mental health condition – and it isn’t condition-specific – will have heard a variation on the above lines, probably multiple times. The simple fact is this: because mental health cannot be seen, some don’t believe it exists. Completely and utterly wrong, but that’s why awareness and education is so important – but that discussion is for another day…

However, we do lie. Not that anyone can normally tell. We’re the best actors on this planet. Jesus, those with mental health conditions each deserve a bloody Oscar. It may come as a complete surprise that I’m sidling up to those most ignorant of mental health issues, but it’s true, we constantly lie.

‘I don’t lie.’ We say everything’s fine when our whole world is crumbling down around us due to depression. We pretend to be relaxed when we can feel a imminent panic attack due to anxiety. We smile fervently even though that plug socket that is currently switched on even though there’s no plug in it which is destroying us due to OCD. We suggest we’re still full but are desperately hungry due to eating disorders. I’m sure you can add your own examples…


We need to be honest. With ourselves, with our loved ones, with professionals. Help and support isn’t exactly in an abundant supply, especially with the NHS, so we need to grasp as much of it as we can. That means really confronting our demons, having people realise that we’re actually not okay. It’s not weakness, you shouldn’t feel guilty for offloading your problems, don’t listen to the darkness within your head. Be truthful with yourself, and receive the help you deserve…

If you need help and support, you can email me (megrrees@gmail.com) or tweet me @megrrees.

Megan xxxx


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  1. Okay… no lie: you made me cry


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