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Far too often we can find ourselves caught up in the ifs and buts of the future. What could happen in a week, a year, even in the next 24 hours. Living with anxiety, those worries can be even more extreme, worrying about every single thing that could go wrong, each situation that could follow from just one encounter. Replaying what has happened throughout the day whilst staring at the darkness waiting to go to sleep, even thinking about that one time 12 years ago when you made a fool of yourself for a split second that no one else would ever remember. So, I propose you live in this very moment.

How? Just do it. You know anyone could get hit by a bus tomorrow. Death is inevitable (how bloody bleak but trust me, I’ll be more optimistic in a second). So what’s stopping you doing anything you’ve ever wanted to do?!

LOVE You like that person? Tell them. The worst that could happen?! They tell you they don’t feel the same so you save yourself months of overthinking about every conversation you have. Send that first text, even double/triple text. What if they like you back? You can have all the happiness you’ve been thinking about and you’re the only obstacle in your own way. Crazy when you simplify it, isn’t it!

TRAVEL Want to travel the world? Do it. Book that plane ticket. Go wherever you want to go. Explore as much as you can. See everything. Document it so you can look back when you’re 82 and have your great-grandchildren gathered around you listening to your life. Work along the way. Fund yourself and have the best time you possibly can. There’s no time like the present. Life always gets in the way, so do it tomorrow.

FAMILY Call that relative you have been meaning to call for the last eight months. Catch up with everyone. Your friends are your family too. The family you choose yourself. Make sure that everyone knows how much you love them. They may have been waiting to here from you but not had the courage that you have. Family are what connects your future with your past. Embrace them. Let them know how much they mean.

HEALTH Call the doctor and get them to check whatever it is that’s on your mind. That’s their job!! Unfortunately, as Brits, we tend to think that we’re wasting the doctors time if we want them to check this or that. But, nope, you’re wrong. If something’s bothering you, I’m sure they’ve seen it a hundred times before. No question is a silly one, in fact it could be a life saving one. Without your health, what do you have?! Book in, now.

CAREER Want to move up or change careers? Apply. There’s no harm in trying, and do you know what?! You might just get it. If you don’t, at least you tried, no harm done. Want to be some big shot international rockstar and then decide you actually just want to work down in Sainsbury’s?! No one’s stopping you. Even if you try a hundred different things, you can at least say you’ve tried them all. Who knows, maybe that 101st try will be the thing that you’re the happiest doing. Happiness is after all the most important thing so go for it. You can do anything you want to do.

Life happens, but you are in control of your own happiness. Take charge and watch things change.

Megan xxxx



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  1. Gosh this is relevant for me today! Basically found out that there’s been the ever-delightful delay in treatment for my mental health, so i’m going to have to find some inner strength to fight back myself in the short term. So this post was – just on point for me, truly. Thank-you xxx


  2. Megan this is such a stunning post, I honestly am in absolute amazement at how fabulous it is! It really has got it me motivated to do it more often and to move forward and to stop with the if’s and buts which I put in the way of everything!
    Love, Amie ❤
    The Curvaceous Vegan | Instagram | BlogLovin | Twitter| Facebook


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