We’re All Mad Here Book


On Saturday, I was lucky enough to be invited to the launch of Claire Eastham’s book ‘We’re All Mad Here’. Claire is one of the bravest, sweetest women I’ve ever met, who just happens to have social anxiety, but stops at nothing to reduce the stigma around mental health. If you’re familiar with the whole online mental health blogging community then you probably know Claire from her blog, if not you should be (find it here).


The event itself was set in the beautiful blogger’s heaven which is Trade Union, with a photo booth and a SLIDE (NB slides and heels are not very dignified), and I got to meet some wonderful people who all champion mental health. Claire managed to give a speech in front of us all, and yes, I was the one at the back weeping my little heart out, to think that you can conquer the anxiety, if only for a few minutes to give a speech to a whole crowd of us and still manage to make us all laugh, is just so inspiring. The atmosphere within the venue was so relaxed and everyone was very warm and welcoming – the wine definitely helped ease some nerves too!

As for the book, well I couldn’t put it down. We’re All Mad Here offers real, tangible advice for anyone suffering from social anxiety, as well as a multitude of anecdotes from Claire’s own experiences that could easily apply to any one of us. Claire breaks down some of the terminology that doctors love to use, such as SSRI and cortisol, making it a an easy read, whether you have any type of mental health condition yourself (there is lots of practical advice that could be used for any issue, not just anxiety), or if you’re just interested in mental health.


Claire has never hidden her down days from us on the internet and I’m so proud that she’s been able to write in depth about this within her book. In particular, I love that Claire advises having a pet to help with mental health, something that has definitely helped me when I’ve been at my lowest. As well as practical advice that you can simply reach to from the book at any point, We’re All Mad Here inspires and uplifts the reader, and as a mental health advocate, I couldn’t think of a better book to have within my collection.


You can buy We’re All Mad Here from Amazon here or from the JKP here.

Megan xxxx


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