2017 Hopes and Dreams


First up, HAPPY NEW YEAR. This year, I’m turning 23. No one likes you when you’re 23 (if you don’t get the reference, where were you in the early 2000’s?!). I don’t believe in resolutions but I did accomplish so much in 2016, even though the year itself is one we can all leave out of the history books, so here’s a little list of what I’d like to achieve in 2017.


  1. Help more people. My first mental health post went live in July 2016 and since then, this blog has grown and I’m so, so grateful for that. I hope to make sure that I continue to help and support as many people as possible through this year.
  2. Get another tattoo. I had my first two tattoos done in the middle of November and even then I was thinking about what I wanted to get next. I’ve got a few ideas that would look really cool in the summertime, it’s just I don’t want to be covered in them (yet anyway).
  3. Go to as many festivals as possible. Last year, I got to work at Reading but I broke my coccyx, my phone and pretty much my soul. But I wouldn’t change it for the world. I got to speak and help so many people, and I heard some of the greatest stories. If I can do that AND get to see some great bands, then I’m set for summer.
  4. Learn to play bass guitar. This one’s pretty out there, and there’s no reason or rhyme to it, I just think it would be pretty cool.
  5. Read more. I tell myself this every year because reading is so cool. To be fair, I managed to complete my goal of 24 books (2 a month) in 2016. This year, I want to read 30, if not more!
  6. Stay clean. My mental health is still pretty dire, I won’t lie. I don’t think it will ever truly be ‘normal’ (whatever that means). I’m challenging myself however, to be clean all year, and it’s going to be one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. I don’t think there’s been a year since 2008 that I’ve been clean, so this is means a huge amount to me.
  7. Put myself out there. No, I don’t mean this in a sexual way. More of an anxiety way. I’ve managed to do a lot more in 2016 than I ever thought possible, even though that itself was pretty limited. I don’t want my life to be plain and mental illness ridden, I want to do everything! I want to push myself as much as possible, do all those things I’ve always wanted to do but never thought I’d have the strength.
  8. Travel as much as possible. In 2016, I was pretty lucky. As well as being up and down from Middlesbrough constantly, I managed to travel abroad to Vilamoura in Portugal, Dublin and Biarritz in France and domestically to London (all the time), York and Manchester. I’d love to explore more of the UK, as well as going on a few holidays if possible. The ultimate dream destinations would be Rome, Santorini and definitely back to LA and NY.
  9. Enjoy the little things. With everything technological in this day and age, I think we’re all guilty to neglecting the beautiful things that are around us all the time. I do try and take it all in, but I’d like to make more of a conscious effort to really connect this year, with friends, family and the world around me.
  10. See those beautiful London fireworks as 2018 starts. In other words, continue. Whatever happens, I hope I find the strength in each day to continue struggling through and be there to watch the London Eye light up, as I have done every single year (except entering 2015 when I was with some f***boy).

Again, Happy New Year to you all, thank you for believing in me.

Megan xxxx



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  1. Such an honest, well written and lovely post ;3 All the best for 2017!
    Quirks & Queries


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