#PosiMH Chat

I’ve been thinking a lot about the Mental Health community and how I, personally, can make it a better place. Trust me, this thought process has been going on months. The Twitter mental health community has always been so warm and welcoming towards me and towards pretty much everyone I’ve spoken to, so it seemed like the optimum place to launch this idea…

The idea being #PosiMH Chat.


The whole idea of this blog is to promote Positive Mental Health, through self care, a good support network, medication, therapy, anything you can think of. But, what if there was a hour a week where you could have people supporting you in your mental health – turning the badness of the past week into something positive? Hence, starting January 29th at 8PM, there will be an hour to help turn that *shit* into something that sets you up.

You might be thinking ‘why a bloody Sunday though?’ Well, Sunday evenings always set me up for the week – I sort out my diary, check on the blog, and like to have a bit of ‘me’ time. By incorporating a bit of self care and reflection of the past week into the ‘me’ time can really have nothing but a positive effect for the following week – what’s not to love?!

Unlike Hannah’s wonderful #TalkMH, each week will not be on a different topic. Instead,  the two will hopefully work alongside each other! #PosiMH will be an informal discussion, with a few set questions to answer week in week out (I haven’t decided on these yet, but they’ll just keep check on you and how you’re doing). If anything, I want it to be a supportive community of people encouraging positivity within each other, by sharing tips and tricks to mental illness, rather than ‘my life is shit, I want out’. Most importantly, anyone, anywhere experiencing a bad time, can have just one hour of help.

The chat will take place under a BRAND SPANKING NEW Twitter account @PosiMH, and I hope to also use this account to retweet *positive* blog posts (you can share your work by either tagging the account or using the #PosiMH hashtag) – but remember, it’s all about ~positivity~!

I’m really excited to launch this, I hope you are too – hopefully see you on January 29th at 8PM!

M x



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  1. Love this idea! you go buddy, I will be getting involved as much as I can!

    Marc | http://www.ohbuggerall.com


  2. AAAHHHH this is fantastic! I love how there’s no set questions so it means you can join in every week! Such a great idea having it on a Sunday so you can reflect on the past week and plan for the week ahead!
    Definitely looking forward to this!
    Keep going gal! x


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