What I’m Grateful For: January

1. Books

This month I’ve been reading 3 books – but only finished 2, so pretty dire start to my reading challenge. I started the year by rereading The Yellow Wallpaper and Selected Writings by Charlotte Perkins Gilman. You can get through all three short stories within an afternoon, but they really do stay with you. The Yellow Wallpaper itself is based around a woman who has a mental illness and finds herself becoming obsessed with this dire wallpaper as her condition deteriorates. Captivating. I’ve also read Cobain on Cobain – a collection of Kurt Cobain’s interviews from the early days of Nirvana until his death. If you are a little obsessed with Cobain, music or just want to learn a bit more about the industry, you won’t be disappointed. Finally, I’m still reading Mad Girl by Bryony Gordon, which focuses on the journalist’s OCD, but I’ll do a full review once finished. You can keep up with what I’m reading over on Goodreads (my profile is here).

2. Music 

To start the year off with a bang, I purchased tickets to go and see Metronomy in May! There’s been absolutely tonnes of new music released this month, from the XX’s album I See You to Ed Sheeran dropping two new songs on the same day. Trump’s inauguration led to some excellent protest songs – Gorillaz releasing ‘Hallelujah Money’ and Arcade Fire dropping ‘I Give You Power’ being personal highlights. The best (and possibly only good) thing about the next four years is the amount of creativity it will produce and it’s starting well (despite the world possibly burning).

3. Blog

My personal sanctuary during January. Thank you so much for supporting me through everything, especially through an intensely personal post A Letter To 14 Year Old Me. Writing that really has been a highlight as I’m very proud to be that open, as I said when sharing it on Facebook – I don’t open up to anyone. January has also been the start of my #PosiMH Chat venture, which kicked off on the very last Sunday and I’m looking forward to seeing how it helps and inspires others.

4. Mental Health

This month has been HARD. Really, bloody hard. On the 9th, I had a consultation with the Community Health Team and that’s always really triggering. There’s been a lot of tears and numbness. There’s been moments when I haven’t wanted to continue. But here I am, still kicking about. But there’s been positives, I tend to look at my own post 30 Reflections (big headed Megan, I know) to inspire me to go on. I’ve also started to accept my body (somewhat) especially through doing more exercise!

5. Family and Friends

I’ve finally started to come out of my cage, and guess what?! I’ve been doing just fine. Mental illness has stopped me doing a lot, living life, having fun. I didn’t let it hold me down though, from coffees with old friend to attending poetry and open mic nights, it’s been full of happy memories with friends. There’s also been new friends enter my life, who I am entirely thankful for. Family are always my rock looking after me too, and I’m so thankful to have a supportive and loving amount of people around me watching my back.

What are you grateful for this month?

M x


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