What I’m Grateful For: February

1. Books

This month has been given over to the reading of poetry and even more Kurt Cobain (it is me after all). Penguin’s Little Black Classics are bloody fantastic – I found myself getting through Alone on the Beach at Night by Walt Whitman and The Night is Darkening Round Me by Emily Bronte in the first half of the month and thoroughly enjoyed them both. Bronte is a bit easier to relate to focusing more on the human experience, than Whitman who in turn focuses more on nature. Both are incredible though, and I’ve found myself reading poetry for pleasure for the first time. After finishing Cobain on Cobain last month, I proceeded to buy his journals and they arrived on his 50th birthday (which is pretty grand) but it’s so interesting to read the thoughts and feelings of a person who has inspired so many. You can keep up with what I’m reading over on Goodreads (my profile is here).

2. Music 

The power of music was really something during February. I’ve always known that my mood is deeply affected by it, but I’ve used this to really play to my advantage to pick myself up when I’m down or just to have a little dance whilst putting the washing out to air. A day without music is definitely a day wasted. I’ve also managed to get down to the weekly Open Mic night in town all but one week in February and it is SO GOOD. Gin, friends and some incredibly talented musicians makes it into a really great night every single time.

3. Blog

This month has been amazing blog wise. I’ve been able to talk openly about my eating habits for #EDAW which I’ve never really been able to talk about ever before. I’ve been able to interview one of my favourite people ever, Louise Chatters; posted an open letter to my future lover on Valentine’s Day and even offered a few tips on how you can improve your own mental health. The chat #PosiMH has gone from strength to strength, especially with the creation of the monthly newsletter (you can sign up here!) and I literally get happy tears every single Sunday when people congratulate me on creating something so positive. But honestly, it’s you who join in who make it what it is, so thank you, a million times, thank you.

4. Mental Health

Well, February has been a whole lot of FUN (lol just kidding, not at all). It’s been awful. A really truly awful month in my head. I’ve been up, down, all around. Every time I feel like I’ve got some kind of handle on things, it just slips right away. But, I’ve decided – instead of caring about how bad it’s getting – to just carry on smiling because what’s the point in getting too mixed up in the little things. Life will still continue tomorrow and things will be fine (even if it takes a little longer to get there than expected).

5. Family and Friends

Family life has had it’s challenges, but when doesn’t it?! My little brother found out that he’ll be attending the school I went to for sixth form when September comes, and I’m so proud of him, it’s such a great school. My nan has been my absolute rock as ever too. As for friends, well, where would I be without them?! Listening to my daily antics, making me laugh when I’m crying over the state of my love life and just generally being wonderful people, I could not have asked for better people to surround myself with.

What are you grateful for this month?

M x



Add yours →

  1. I’ve got one Little Black Classic – The Communist Manifesto! (of course); a present from Louise Chatters. I recently discovered Penguin’s Mini Modern Classics which are splendid!

    Your open letter was beautiful and PosiMH really is fantastic.

    Please don’t forget that if you’re ever in need of some company, we can cry about the state of our love lives together x


  2. Look at you going to Open Mic every Tuesday. YOU GO GAL. Love ya loads!

    Liked by 1 person

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