A Guide To… Pulling Yourself Out The Worst

If you follow me on twitter, you may know that the past few days especially haven’t been all that great, in fact they’re been pretty awful. But, I got THROUGH – and believe me, I know it’s not as easy as most people say.


Here’s 10 tips on what helped me get out of the worst place I’ve ever known:

  1. Make/order your favourite meal – you fancy pizza? Order it. You wanna eat a whole tub of ice cream? Bloody hell, go for it. Food is a great way to feed your mind and body. Chances are you aren’t really feeling like making a fancy 3 course meal that takes a 6 months preparation and overnight preparation, it’s probably taking all your energy just to get out of bed so whatever you need, feed yourself.
  2. Have a bath – run the bath, pop in your fave Lush bath bomb and unwind to some nice music (as well as actually cleaning yourself – win win). No explanation needed.
  3. Let yourself rest – sleep as much as you possibly can. Your brain repairs itself – all those chemicals that are so pesky and sound quite alien, e.g. serotonin and dopamine etc, repair themselves whilst you’re dreaming about Disneyland or that fit lad (maybe that’s just my dreams). Basically, just chill out and let your brain do all the work – it also stops those dark thoughts from lurking.
  4. Get out the house, if you can – if you’re feeling up to it that is. I know this may feel like the most daunting thing possible, but pop on some trackies and a hoody and walk to the corner shop. Grab your favourite drink or a nice treat and then head back home/bed.
  5. Talk to anyone you trust – opening up is so bloody difficult, but a problem shared is always a problem halved. Even if you’re saying it through a flood of tears, at least someone knows how vulnerable you are at that point in time and knows to keep check of you/bring you copious amounts of tea.
  6. Collapse and cry – crying isn’t a sign of weakness. Whoever made that up obviously just gets off on being a dick. In fact, crying can be a great tool in helping you to move on emotionally. If you want to cry your little heart out, do it, you might feel great after it. If you can’t, that’s okay too.
  7. Listen to some great music – that mad dance song from the 90s? Listen to it now. A bit of Nirvana or Arctic Monkeys? Listen to their playlists, even whilst you can’t feel a thing. Music plays with your emotions whilst you’re happy and it certainly plays with them, even if you can’t feel a thing. It reaches right down, even into that spot in your chest that you think is just a hole.
  8. Watch absolute shit on Netflix – this was my real turning point. I watched Sixteen Candles followed by Groundhog Day with my phone turned off. Maybe it’s because I just allowed my brain to zone out and focus on something that I didn’t particularly care about. But, it helped. A sad movie to help you cry? A documentary on the Ivory Trade? Anything that helps you to just relax.
  9. Contact your crisis team or Samaritans – if you have any suicidal feelings or have harmed yourself in any way, this should be your first point of contact. They are trained in what you’re feeling, and have heard it all before, so don’t feel ashamed or worried to contact them.
  10. Wait for it to pass – emotions come and go. It feels like this darkness will consume you. But you are so much stronger than that, you will get through it. Even if it’s waiting for the next minute, 5 minutes, hour, just get through that. It gets easier, I promise.

**If you or your loved one’s condition is critical, suicidal, or just very worrying, please call 999. You can also contact the Samaritans on 116 123 – 24 hours a day or Mind‘s infoline on 0300 123 3393 (Mon-Fri 9am-6pm)**

If you need help and support, you can email me (megrrees@gmail.com) or tweet me @megrrees.

M x



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  1. liamandhisanxiety April 1, 2017 — 7:25 pm

    This blog post is really good! Arctic monkeys and pizza is always good, and always makes me feel better!

    Hope you’re doing alright Megan x


  2. I needed this so much. I’m gonna start tonight! I’m so glad you’re feeling better. All my love xxx


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