What I’m Grateful For: March/April

1. Books

I am so grateful for books, every single month – they allow me to escape from my own reality for as much time as I’m willing to give to them. Over March and April, I’ve not been able to focus to well, however I’ve read five wonderful books. As mentioned at the end of February’s post, I managed to work my way through Kurt Cobain’s Journals – which I know a few people may find controversial due to them being private, but I couldn’t resist further insight to a personal hero’s brain. I was lucky enough to receive a copy of Chloe Brotheridge’s book, The Anxiety Solution (possibly the most instagrammable book in existence) – it offers practical advice from a personal and professional view on how to get over anxiety for good. I finished the month by reading the most amazing poetry book, Milk and Honey by Rupi Kaur. It’s beautiful, I can’t stop thinking about the words within it, there’s a poem for every stage of life. The fourth book was Breakfast At Tiffany’s by Truman Capote, which I actually didn’t enjoy as much as the film – possibly because the film portrayal is so beautiful. Finally, Perfume: The Story of a Murderer by Patrick Suskind. I 100% recommend this book with every cell of my body as it offers a perspective that one doesn’t often think about: the scent. You can keep up with what I’m reading over on Goodreads (my profile is here).


2. Music 

March and April have seen me continue in February’s tradition of attending my local Open Mic night at least every other week. It’s great as I get to see my friends, drink some gin and see some great homegrown bands perform live – especially with Maidstone Fringe Festival over the bank holiday weekend in which I got to see some of my favourite people perform. I’m completely obsessed with Kasabian’s newest single I’m In Love With A Psycho, despite the mental health controversy, and I think it’s a pretty cracking single. This month saw me create a ‘sad’ playlist too, as sometimes I struggle to feel, but this allows me to express myself in a way that I need to when it hits and I’m so thankful to have music in my life.


3. Blog

March: I slacked pretty badly with the blog in March, due to various excuses that I could say but it’s mainly a loss of mojo thing. However, the two posts I did manage to write in March have been hugely personal. Firstly, A Guide To… Borderline Personality Disorder is something I just needed to write about. As for Suicidal Feelings, it’s something no one ever seems to talk about, so again, I needed to write this post. As for the chat, #PosiMH has again gone from strength to strength, with the second monthly newsletter (you can sign up here!) being sent out. I am so grateful for this blog, the chat, everyone who continues to supports my ventures. Thank you.

April: It’s been a busy, busy month. However, I’ve managed to write a few posts (woooo)! Three posts: A Guide To… Pulling Yourself Out The WorstMe and My Body and 101 Things To Live For show how much my mental health has improved (which I’ll get to in a second) and two more following the election (General Election, let’s talk…) and the second part of my BPD series, BPD & Love.


4. Mental Health

March: Dire, dire, dire. Possibly the worst I’ve ever been. But I’m grateful that I was still managing to get along.

April: I’m finally in recovery!!!! In fact, I feel better than I’ve felt for over a decade. I will write in depth about this, but it’s amazing.

5. Family and Friends

I’m always so grateful for everyone in my life and these past months have been absolutely no different. In particular, meeting some of the best people at the #TalkMH meet up towards the end of April!

What are you grateful for this month?

M x


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