A Letter For The Bad Days

Dear Megan,

Hello from the past, lass, hope you’re well. Actually, you’re probably not if you are having to read this letter, so that sucks. Let’s fix that and have a little pep talk…


You are 100% stronger than this bad day. Honestly. You have been through more than you will ever let on. You have hit rock bottom, then hit it again, and then again. And guess what? You got through it. Despite all the odds, what anyone else thought, even in those darkest of moments, what you thought – you got through it all. You didn’t just do it once either, you’ve done it repeatedly through all the shit that life has thrown your way. You can defeat whatever is being shoved your way right now.


All that crap? It has a purpose. It’s made you grow into someone that I have expected you to become. It’s taught you how to be gentle to yourself, how to be kind to those around you no matter how they treat you and, most importantly how to love the person you are. It’s given you a chance to grasp whatever you want in life and seize it with both hands, because life is too precious. You have forever to be dead, but only this tiny amount of time to enjoy the beauty of the world (even though it may seem pretty bleak right now, I promise you it’s out there).


If you can, get to the beach. If not, call your mum or nan. If all of the above fail, listen to old school Arctic Monkeys, order pizza, put on Gavin and Stacey and treat yourself online. Do that thing when you force yourself to smile no matter how crappy the world is treating you right now, because you deserve to. Slow down and appreciate all the wonderful things you have right now, no excuses, you have so much to be grateful for. I don’t want to simplify this too much because we’re smarter than that but here’s something to look forward to:

  • if it’s Summer – look forward to your birthday, holidays, festivals and those very few days when the weather is beautiful
  • if it’s Autumn – girl, it’s nearly Halloween and Fireworks Night, go bask in the dusk and fallen leaves, even if it’s pouring down
  • if it’s Winter – Christmas. Winter Wonderland. All the food. Cosy Lush baths. Candles. Also it’s ski season so go, even if it’s just to the dry slope
  • if it’s Spring – the blossom is falling, it’s nearly summer, days are getting longer, weather is heating up, everything seems fresh again…

Whatever is going on right now, you can get through this. I have so much faith in future Megan and as past Megan, I have to have faith that you will be okay. I know you will be. You can do and be whatever you want, so go for it.

I love you and I’m sorry you’re feeling so awful right now,

Past Happy Positive Megan xxxxxxxx

P.S. If this is because of friggin boys, then bore off, you don’t need no man to make you feel like this, they are all lame, amen.



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